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Given the changes to many frame designs, especially on the mountain side, Park has updated the veritable Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge. Now designated the DAG 2.2, this must-have tool better fits rear dropout systems for thru-axle designs that require more tool/frame clearance. The inner shaft has also been upgraded to larger stock for better stiffness and add strength. The overall effect has been to make the tool more compatible, but also more accurate. As you might expect from Park, the threaded tip is also replaceable, a must for the daily uses this tool will see in the shop.

Proper derailleur hanger alignment is crucial to overall shifting performance and protecting your wheels and spokes. If you are a daily cyclist with a small home work space, dedicate a hook on the wall or place on your bench for the DAG 2.2

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  • Upgraded to Improve clearance and reach to fit more frame/hanger combos
  • Designed to work with low clearance thru-axle derailleur hangers
  • Gauge bar made of heavy gauge, chrome plated steel
  • Upgraded, large inner shaft for added strength
  • Tighter tolerances for improved accuracy
  • Replaceable threaded tip
  • Adjusts to fit 20” to 29”+ wheels
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