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Cone wrenches are crucial for any bike mechanic or cyclist who prefers to service their own hubs. These thin, precise wrenches fit into narrow slots, and are generally used in conjunction with another cone wrench for hub adjustment or axle unit disassembly. Many shops prefer a full line-up of single end cone wrenches, but home, travel, and pro mechanics tend to covet space and simplicity, hence Park Tool's Double Ended Cone Wrenches. The DCW-1 has both 13mm and 14mm angled tool interfaces, so you get two tools in one, and the combination is generally not used together, so one will suffice for most tool boxes.

Durably made with heat treated, nickel plated thin steel, the DCW-1 has precise parallel tool faces and slightly rounded edges that allow you securely hold both the nut and the tool, while operating it with adequate leverage. Park also gives you a hole for easy wall/hook storage. Save space, and keep your box or bench better organized with this DCW-1 Double Ended Cone Wrench from Park Tool.

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  • Double ended, compact cone wrench designed for the home/travel mechanic
  • Made of heat treated thin steel, then nickel plated for long lifespan
  • Tool interfaces are precisely parallel, and offset to handle for leverage
  • Small size makes them ideal to carry along for quick repairs
  • Designed for bike hub and axle service
  • DCW-1: 13mm & 14mm open cone wrench ends
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