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This simple product clips onto your rear dropout when your wheel is removed to hang the chain. This allows you to keep the chain off of the frame and aid in cleaning. The DH-1 is a cost effective way to ease your maintenance process when clean or store your bike. The use of a dummy hub-type tool allows you greater access to your chain, chainstays and bottom bracket junction. You can also wipe and scrub your chain without getting cleaning agents and removed muck onto your tire, rim or disc brake rotor/

The DH-1 locks in place with a quick release so you can backpedal with tension on your chain. Cyclists who remove their wheels for transport or shipping use the DH-1 for the same reason- to provide chain tension. That makes the chain easier to cover and keeps it off items or packaging that you don't want bike lube and road grime on. The unique design allows the bike to be shifted, moving the rear derailleur freely. The Delrin wheel slides side to side on the aluminum shaft. This design also works with 10mm open rear dropouts, as well as thru-axle frames up to 12mm. You simply remove the QR, slide the Delrin wheel off, then slide it onto your thru-axle, which you install normally.

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  • Well made, simple to use and cost effective hub tool for bike maintenance
  • Aluminum shaft, with Delrin hanger wheel, and Park QR for easy on/off
  • Works with all derailleur and 1/8" chain
  • Delrin hanger wheel
  • Designed for use with standard rear drop outs and thru-axle to 12mm
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