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Park Tool's FR-5.2 Cassette Lockring Tool is the latest iteration of the shop go-to tool, the FR-5. For years, this basic design as enable cyclists and mechanics to quickly and precisely remove and install cassette lockrings from Shimano, SRAM, SunRace, SunTour, Chris King and others. The deep section, 12-spline, 23.4mm diameter tool face meshes with nearly every cassette lockring from these manufacturers. It even fits with SRAM's XX1 11-speed and Eagle 12 speed cassettes and the internal notch versions of Shimano's Center Lock disc rotor lockrings. In other words, the FR-5.2 is likely the most used tool at your LBS, outside of the 4mm and 5mm hex wrenches, of course.

The back side of the interface fits the Park SR-11, a standard 6-sided 1" wrench and works just as well with any integrated 1" torque tool or crescent-style adjustable. The center section is hollowed out for axles. Park recommends you always use the wheel's quick release or threaded end nut when removing or installing to ensure proper alignment, threading and overall safety. This steel tool will last a lifetime for home mechanics, and for a few years of near-constant use in the shop setting. And at under $8, how can you go wrong?

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  • Deeper spline design than FR-5, 5.1 for installing/removing cassette lockrings
  • Compatible with Shimano, SRAM, SunRace, SunTour, Chris King and others
  • Works with SRAM XX1 11-speed and Eagle 12-speed cassettes
  • Also fit Shimano Center Lock disc rotor lockrings with internal notches
  • 12-spline, 23.4mm diameter interface
  • Back side of the tool is six-sided for 1" wrenches, torque tools, etc
  • Always use QR or axle nut to secure tool for safety and preventing damage
  • A chainwhip is required for combined use when removing cassette lockrings
  • Precision tooled hardened steel for all day, every day use
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