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Home mechanics and cyclists love bike tools that were designed for shop and pro use. Why? Well, although the tools may seem like overkill, shop quality tools are often designed for practicality in all day, every day, use. Quality is generally great, as you know you are getting a good tool. No other tool company can touch Park Tool's combination of pro and home level tools, nor keep up with new requirements as quickly. The Park FR-5.2H Lockring Tool with Handle is a great example. You have a chromed version of the updated workhorse Park FR-5.2 cassette locking removal tool with a threaded steel handle, meaning you don't need a long wrench or socket driver to use the tool. Shop and pro techs like to keep thing simple, with few moving parts. Better yet, with it;s deeper spline section the new design fits over many thru-axle end caps and quick release nuts, saving more time and effort.

This is the correct tool for removing and installing cassettes that use Shimano's HG standard 12 spline design, with a diameter of 23.4mm. The good news is that all current Shimano, SRAM, SunTour, SunRace, Chris King and many other cassette lockrings use this tool standard, even SRAM's cassettes for the XD Driver system. For those of you who use QR standard CenterLock-style disc rotors, this is also the correct tool to use.

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  • Long handle cassette lockring tool for HG 12 spline designs with 23.4mm diameter
  • Deeper spline design than FR-5, 5.1 for installing/removing cassette lockrings over thru-axle end caps and even most QR end nuts
  • Fits Shimano, SRAM, XD, SunTour, SunRace, Chris King; many other freehub lockrings
  • Also fits standard internal spline Center Lock-style disc brake rotor lockrings hubs
  • Removable, threaded handle makes replacement of a worn or damaged head easily
  • If you require a Campagnolo lockring remover, see Park BBT-5/FR-11
  • Quality chromed steel construction with precision splines
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