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A grease gun is just a grease gun unless you are Park Tool. Park's GG-1 appears to be small, simple canister-style grease gun like you'd see in many shop environments, but there are a few twists. First is the size. Highly manageable in one hand, the GG-1 canister holds plenty of grease but is a perfect size for tight bike applications and compact benches. The tip is also primed to deliver a much smaller bead of grease for pretty precise delivery without over doing the actual amount used. This keeps things neat and results in little waste. Last the screw on top and actual grip gun of the unit also has internal receiving threads so you can screw it directly onto any tube of Park Tool grease, anti-seize or assembly compound. The wider canister thread section mates cleanly to the tube circumference for an integrated look.

Of course the canister will hold any type of grease or compound that can normally be used with a grease gun, so you many options, and perhaps you need several GG-1's to fully set-up and streamline your bench, as well as add that pro look so many of us aspire to as we root around the bench or drawers for the carbon compound. Enjoy the ease and flexibility afforded by the Park GG-1 Grease Gun. The distinct blue color and spring-loaded push trigger will grab your attention and make the day's work go more smoothly.

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  • Canister style grease gun with spring loaded push lever
  • Can be filled with any grease or compound that is soft enough for a gun
  • Tool top unscrews from canister for easy filling
  • A second, internal set of receiving threads allows you to use on Park tubes
  • Compact size for agile manageability in the shop
  • Fine tip screw-in application fitting for precise lube application (replaceable)
  • Color: Blue
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