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There are times when every mechanic just needs to keep the front end of bike from rotating freely. Perhaps the bike is in the workstand and you are bleeding disc brakes, or the bike needs to be level and you just don't want the bars or controls slamming into the top tube. The Park Tool HBH-2 was designed to stabilize the front end by resting on the top tube and handlebars. The top tube interface can handle any shape tube up to 50mm across, and the bar interface can hold bars up to 32mm (actually even a little larger). Park includes a velcro strap for extra security. The HBH-2 itself is made from steel and is coated with rubber that won't mar or damage the surface.

Every shop has a few of these on the wall and home mechanics love them, as they never have an extra hand available when they need one. The HBH-2 can even be used to stabilize a bike when you need to lean it against a wall for storage. This is a simple, and very useful item that can save you from various forms of expensive damage. Just buy one, and keep it available. You'll be surprised at how often you actually use it.

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  • Handlebar holder prevents cockpit from rotating freely
  • Steel with rubber coated sheath that protects your bike at all times
  • Fits top tubes up to 50mm width of any shape
  • Works with handlebars up to 32mm diameter (plus wrap)
  • Velcro strap can be used for extra security
  • Excellent for stabilizing front end when in stand, or when bike is leaning
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