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If you work on a lot of older bikes you likely run into bottom bracket designs that leave you shaking your head and grinding down tools to make something work. Along with some of their other historical tools, the Park Tool HCW-11 Adjustable Cup Wrench may sit around collecting grease or dust, but when you need it, you need it.

The HCW-11 fits slotted bottom bracket adjusting cups and cups with raised 16mm wrench flats. These are common on older English bicycles and less expensive bicycles. The opposite end has two ears that are 23mm wide and approximately 5mm wide for models with recessed slots in the face of the lockring. Again, if you need this tool, you need this tool. If you have a passion for older bikes or a stable of various generation kid's bikes at home, invest the small amount required in the HCW-11 Adjustable Cup Wrench and save your knuckles and grinding wheel.

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  • Dual end bottom bracket adjustment tool for older or less expensive BB's
  • Fits slotted bottom bracket adjusting cups with raised 16mm wrench flats
  • Other end has two ears that are 23mm wide, approximately 5mm wide for BB's with recessed slots on opposite sides of crank arm
  • Flat forged steel tool with precise interfaces, plated for corrosion resistance
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