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Park's old school dual use tools are still popular and great for travel use and home users who have need for tools and limited budgets and/or storage space and Park keeps offering updated models as need exists. The HCW-16.3 is the advanced version of the once ubiquitous combination of a 15mm pedal wrench and a chain whip-. Use for both pedal removal/installation and for cassette removal. The only real change is that the HCW-16.3's chain whip is compatible with all road and mountain 5-12 speed cassettes. The nickel finish steel handle is plenty long for leverage in both intended tasks.

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  • Updated combination 15mm pedal wrench and chain whip tool
  • Use for pedal removal/installation on pedals with standard 15mm flats
  • Chain whip is compatible with ALL 5–12 spd road & mountain cassettes, freewheels
  • Length: 10.75" long (27.3cm)
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