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The HCW-4 is an old school tool for older crank and bottom bracket systems. Of course there are still plenty of bikes on the road equipped with old gear. One of the great things about bikes. Many older bottom brackets used a 36mm flat interface. The HCW-4 has an oval shape box end wrench with 36mm flat internal surfaces. This design is proven and in many case more secure and effective than an open end wrench.

The opposite end is a fixed pin spanner with a Y-shape. The center to center pin measurement is 29mm, and each pin has a nominal 2.2mm OD, which was used on crank lockrings and more. Proof positive that Park has long considered long term use and replacement parts a priority, the HCW-4 has pins that thread in, via a hex interface. Those pins are available under Park part number 1501.

The tool itself is made from forged steel, the precision interfaces, and will last generations. Perhaps by then you won't need it, but it will look great with your vintage tool collection.

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  • Proven Y-head design with dual end tools for older crank and bottom brackets
  • Forged steel tool with 36mm oval box end flats, pin spanner
  • Pin spanner distance is 29mm, each pin has 2.2mm OD
  • Pins thread in and are replaceable (Park# 1501)
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