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Park Tool often designs bike tools that are made for specific purposes, and others that are quite general. The ubiquitous Hex Wrench generally falls into the latter category, but occasionally special models for components are developed, but these tools can certainly be used for every day use as well. These large hex wrenches feature a substantial ergonomic rubber grip and extra leverage from length. The secondary end features a ball driver for faster install and removal. Available in 6, 8, and 10mm sizes, the extra leverage and power is hugely helpful when removing or installing when more torque is required.

The 10mm version has an extended L-shape because it was made to reach the internal Hirth coupling bolt of Campagnolo's Ultra-Torque cranksets. There aren't many 10mm applications outside of hubs and the Campy crank, but when you need the reach, leverage, and power, you have it. The 8mm and 6mm versions are thought of as pedal wrenches, given that so many pedal options use the axle internal-hex interface today. The 8mm is also favored for many crank arm release bolts, and certainly you can use these for any 6 or 8mm application that makes sense. As you expect from Park, these steel wrenches feature hardened steel that will withstand daily use in a busy bike shop, so home mechanics could well have these tools for their lifetime.

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  • Oversized Hex wrenches which can be used for general or design-specific purposes
  • Hardened steel and quality construction you expect from Park Tool
  • Comfort rubber grip evokes that of a screwdriver, with ergonomic shape
  • L-handle tool with shaft that extends through handle to feature ball driver end
  • 10mm has extended L-shape- for Campy Ultra-Torque cranksets with Hirth coupling
  • 6 and 8mm versions are ideal for cranksets or pedals with axle internal-hex interfaces
  • Extended length and grip provide leverage and power when required
  • Options: 6, 8, 10mm
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