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Every great work bench can be augmented with the park OM-1 Benchtop Overhaul Map. The compact soft PVC mat has low profile compartment trays for small part organization and a larger work zone ideal for detailed bearing work, such as hub overhauls or suspension work. The rubber like material is easy to clean, as it won't absorb oil or grease, and never feels slippery.

At 14.7 x 7", the OM-1 is the perfect size for this type of work, and won't take up much bench surface space. With it's distinctive white and blue Park Tool logo over the black base material, the OM-1 looks sharp, and is inherently practical for working and securing small parts. Your bench looks lonely without one.

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  • Compact mat with built in organization for overhauls of components with small parts
  • A great way to hold small parts, tools and components during a repair
  • Features multiple small pockets and one large work area
  • Perfect for suspension or hub work or to organize parts for subsequent installation
  • Made of a rubber-like PVC
  • Cleans easily and looks great on any bench
  • Size: 14.7" x 7" (38cm x 18cm)
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