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Now if you are outfitting a bench or home shop, not only do you need a great set of hex wrenches, but also a comparable set of Torx® wrenches. Park Tool has been offering their well designed P-handle hex wrenches for years, and the Torx versions share all the great features. A huge favorite of shop mechanics who use these hand tools all day long, every day; the P-Handled Torx Wrenches have a P-shaped molded nylon grip that offers leverage, while providing relief through the ergonomic shape. The long end of the P handle features a short Torx tool stub while the short end of the grip has a hole for hanging. A long steel extension off the bottom of the handle ends in a long reach Torx driver, which is perfect for hard to reach bolts. This long tool is designed for speed and low-torque applications, as higher torque requirements are more efficient and precise close-up. That is where the handle mounted tool earns it's keep.

Park Tool PH-T1.2 P-Handle Torx Driver Set with Holder gives you the most common Torx sizes, plus a composite wall or pegboard mount holder that keeps your favorite tools at hand and easily accessed. Which is perfect, because you will use these all the time. The steel tool components themselves are made from high torque industrial steel which is through-hardened for long life. The faces of the short end tool are precise, with the proper Torx star shape and taper that makes them so effective for high torque applications. This PH-T1.2 set features a newly designed wall mount, with clearly marked size slots and two secondary front slots for storing 3-way tools as well.

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  • Well designed set of P-handled Torx® wrenches with two precise tool ends
  • Features newly designed Wall/Pegboard holder/mount with clearly marked size slots and 2 front facing slots for 3-way tools
  • Excellent control, leverage, and speed depending on requirements
  • Molded nylon offset P-handle grip w/ texture zones, ergonomic shape, hanging hole
  • High torque industrial steel Torx tools, through-hardened for long life
  • Long shaft of each wrench great for long reach, lower torque uses
  • Short end for higher torque and power applications
  • Includes: T6, T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T30, T40, Composite Wall/Pegboard Holder/Mount
  • Sold as a complete set
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