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Every mechanic loves quality tools that simplify their bench, tool roll or work station, let alone their actual skill work. While Park makes many specific tools for driving fasteners, the QTH-1 is an ergonomic T-handled bit driver equipped with eight common bits to fit a wide variety of fasteners and fittings found on bicycles.

The magnetic “quick-change" handle allows for one-handed operation and makes changing bits quick and easy. The bit holder can be magnetically attached to any magnetic surface such as a repair stand or tool box, or can be permanently mounted to any wall or tool board. The QTH-1 is a professional-grade tool built to withstand the rigors of daily shop use, and is fully rebuildable. The included eight bits are common to daily shop work, and listed below.

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  • Ergonomic T-handled bit driver with 1/4" bit kit with ease of use and bit changes
  • Magnetic “quick-change" handle allows for one-handed operation
  • Small lever has action that kicks out bit
  • Professional-grade tool built to withstand the rigors of daily shop use; fully rebuildable
  • Includes bitholder and the following eight magnetic 1/4" bits
    • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm hex
    • T25 Torx-compatible
    • #2 Philips cross tip
  • Bit holder includes empty spaces for 2 extra bits
  • Holder and T-driver can be magnetically attached to any magnet attracting metal surface
  • Color: Polished/Blue
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