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Are you a serious home for shop mechanic who believes in having the proper tool for the job? Of course you are. Snap rings are much more common on bikes now than every before. From suspension to bottom bracket and hub bearing retainers to disc brake calipers, serious mechanics require a variety of snap ring pliers to work effectively without risking damage to sensitive parts. Park Tool has built their snap ring pliers specifically around the needs and requirement of the bike industry and the RP-Set.2 Snap Ring Pliers (Set of 5) is equipped with the snap ring tools you need for detail work on delicate bike components.

You get five snap ring tools: four internal type and one external:

  • RP-1: .9mm straight internal. Opens from 22mm down to 0 (tips touching)
  • RP-2: 1.3mm bent internal. Opens from 22mm down to 2mm (center to center)
  • RP-3: 1.3mm bent external. Opens from 2mm (center to center) up to 18mm
  • RP-4: 1.7mm bent internal. Opens from 21mm down to 2mm (center to center)
  • RP-5: 1.7mm straight internal; Opens from 25mm down to 0 (tips touching)

Precision made from forged, heat treated cro-moly steel, with a stainless return spring, the RP series Snap Ring Pliers are built for years of daily use, or a lifetime of most mechanics. The vinyl coated handles offer a comfortable no-slip tactile feel for intricate interaction. If you work on suspension forks, posts, or shocks, and disc brake caliper work is part of your daily life, you have to own Park's RP-Set.2 Snap Ring Plier Set of 5.

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  • Professional quality set of snap ring pliers sized for the bike industry
  • 4 Internal types, straight and bent, and one bent external model
  • Forged, heat-treated cro-moly steel tool with return spring and vinyl-dipped grips
  • Must have tool for suspension and disc brake servicing
  • Careful use of snap ring pliers preserves small part and housing integrity
  • Use the proper size and type tool for the job
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