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Park's SA-1 Shop Apron is the mechanics favorite for two reasons. First, it is durable but reasonably light weight. When you have to wear it all day long in the summer, you'll understand. Second, it isn't complicated. You get a simple tie back design, with two spacious, low front pockets, and a simple left chest pocket for a writing implement or two. We should probably add a third reason- it is black, which is both slimming and goes well with most shop grease.

The apron is made with a fairly supple, 7-ounce poly cotton twill, for comfort and durability. It ins't wafer thin, and it won't feel like you are wearing a cardboard box. Like you, it just gets the job done. Perfect for home or shop use, the SA-1 hits most wearers down to mid-thigh, so it doesn't feel restrictive or warm as you bust your butt around the work area.

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  • Simple, moderate weight shop apron for daily or occasional use
  • Tie-back design, with adjustable neck loop
  • Two pocket structure on lower front for tools and other items
  • Single pencil type pocket on the left chest
  • 7-ounce poly cotton twill, for comfort and durability
  • Size: One
  • Color: Black, with Park Tool logo on center chest
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