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This "Big Dog", shop quality Park Tool SR-2.3 Shop Chain Whip has been updated for full 12-speed compatibility. The SR-2.3 features a unique arched back which mates round cassette shapes for perfect purchase and massive leverage. This means you will require less manual torque to remove the lockring, and when you have the need for real power, it delivers. Park Tool was clever enough to lengthen the handle for increased leverage and more power.

The elongated handle is heat treated for added strength and get the familiar vinyl dipped grip for the ultimate in control. Shop quality means just that, this tool was designed for the daily rigors of true bike shop work for geared bikes with all cassettes or freewheels from 5-12 speed.

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  • Hands down the best chain whip when high leverage, power and control required
  • Arched back profile and added length deliver hold and leverage
  • Works with ALL cassette and freewheel teeth profiles from 5-12 speed
  • Elongated heat treated handle
  • Vinyl dipped handle
  • Approximately 15" long (38cm)
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