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There was a time when a bike shop mechanic carried a 3-way socket wrench in an apron pocket as a standard item. And if you regularly work on older or kids bikes, you will still find a 3-way socket wrench an indispensable tool, and those who only come across 8, 9, or 10mm bolts/nuts occasionally will want to have one handy. Most home mechanics prefer to have combination tools as well, so the Park ST-3 Three Way Socket Wrench is still a popular tool.

The polished Chrome Vanadium extensions and sockets of the ST-3 are longer than the the old school version for better reach and user comfort. Park's composite handles have changed over the years, with user friendly shapes and better grip. The 8, 9, 10mm sizes are quite commonly used in nuts and bolts for older braking systems, and the precision tooling delivers a sure fit for preserving the integrity of this hardware, which can be soft and easier to strip to damage with quick, imprecise use of a box or adjustable wrench. The leverage and grip allow you to secure or remove most hardware with minimal fuss. We may not use the ST-3 all day long here in the shop, but when we need one, this is the tool we reach for.

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  • 3-way socket tool more commonly used on older adult or children's bikes of any era
  • Metric sockets: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm
  • Hardened, polished Chrome Vanadium steel
  • Tool extensions permanently mounted in composite handle with great feel/leverage
  • 3-way, or Y style tools make for easy size changes, take the place of 3 distinct tools
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