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Internal spoke nipples, and the likelihood of them being a proprietary size, are the bane of shop mechanics. While these spoke nipples may allow manufacturers to develop rim designs that save weight, are super aero, and look super clean, truing and tensioning is a nightmare, especially on a recently glued tubular wheel. Still Park Tool recognizes these designs exist, so there must be tools available to service them. The SW-15 Three Way Internal Nipple Wrench covers the sizes used by eight manufacturers (see the list below) meaning it is incredibly useful for every shop or race tech to have one on-hand. The reach of each tool coves most aero rims up to 80mm profile, and the head of each has the smallest diameter possible (and still be strong and capable of dealing with high tension under spoke loads, or frozen spoke nipples.

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  • Innovative three-way spoke tool for internal spoke nipples
  • Outer tool diameter is minimized, slips into tight surroundings of most rims
    • 3.2mm square drive, with a nominal outside shaft diameter of 6mm
    • 5mm hex socket with a nominal outside shaft diameter of 7.5mm
    • 5.5mm hex socket with a nominal outside shaft diameter of 8mm
  • Works with most aero rim depths up to 80mm profile
  • For wheels made by numerous manufacturers including, but not limited to:
    • Blackwell, HED, Mavic, Rolf, Planet-X, Bontrager, Campagnolo, FSA
  • Polished steel tool extensions
  • Molded plastic handle for easy use and leverage
  • 3.2mm square, 5mm hex , 5.5mm hex internal nipple size/type
  • Note: Wheel manufacturer’s specifications can change without notice
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