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The SW-7 series Triple Spoke Wrench from Park Tool was created to be a serious home mechanic tool that saves time and ensures convenience. The precise three sided individual tool faces are made in a single piece of hardened, plated steel for every day durability and long-term use. The SW-7.2 is the most current version, users are happy about the more rounded, smoother shape, which is more comfortable in the hand and less taxing, especially when building or rebuilding a wheel.

The triangular tool is easy to use, and fits three common nipple sizes: .127" (3.23mm), .130" (3.30mm), .136" (3.45mm). Home mechanics shouldn't be put off by the multi-tool design, as we know many shop and race/event mechanics who keep this tool handy.

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  • Convenient triangular spoke wrench with three common size interfaces
  • Each nipple drive interface has three precise sides
  • Nickel-plated hardened steel tool is durable for long-term use
  • New design has more rounded shape, smoother edges; easier on the hand
  • Stamped sizes of 0,1, 2 correspond to Park Spoke Wrench sizes- see below
  • Three common nipple sizes:
    • .127" (3.23mm) like the Black SW-0
    • .130" (3.30mm) like the Green SW-1
    • .136" (3.45mm) like the Red SW-2
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