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Leverage from a low-profile tool handle can be crucial for removing seized up or overtightened bolts and parts. A well made breaker bar belongs in every shop, work bench or tool kit. The Parl Tool SWB-15 3/8" Drive Breaker Bar is an ideal size for 95% of your leverage needs.The forged steel haft tool has the common 3/8" square drive head that pivots 180° (not ratchets) for max strength at the point of connection.

The SWB-15 features a long, knurled handle, which is extremely useful when extra leverage and sure grip and control is needed to remove stubborn fasteners. Worst case scenario you can always add length to the SWB-15 with the old school random frame tube, but that will be rare. Trust in the proper tools and get the job done properly and safely with Park Tool.

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  • Forged steel breaker bar with a 3/8" square drive
  • Compact, pinned axle square head pivots 180°
  • Long, knurled handle, for safe and useful extra leverage
  • Forged from alloyed steel and chrome plated for daily use
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