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Many of our customer's have remarked over the last few years about how Park has been offering tools that are seemingly more generic, not specific to the bike industry. This is happening and there are a few reasons why. First, Park sells tool kits, and if you want to include your branded tools into the kit, you hav to offer them. Second, well, Parks makes tools and why not offer your own versions fo standard wrenches, screwdrivers, land yes, even scissors. Third, while a tool may be somewhat universal, there may be some specificity that Park can bring to a general tool that meets the needs of a bike mechanic. Hence, the Park Tool SZR-1 Shop Scissors.

With a compact overall design and short, sharp stainless steel blades, the SZR-1 is quite maneuverable, yet delivers leverage for cutting and a dual density grip that is comfortable while doing so. Every shop tech has a set of scissors on their bench or in their tool box, so why not have a scissor that cuts clean, such as for cutting excess zip ties? Or are short and sharp for cutting and trimming handlebar tape? Or perhaps strong and sharp enough to cut cardboard? Or maybe trimming a handlebar grip? See, many uses directly related to bike-specific work, and we find the compact size is great, because you can get into places longer scissors might fail to, plus you have a stiff, sharp edge and leverage for end tip snipping, which can twist the blades of cheap scissors. In other words, we like them, and when you start using them, you will tool, and don't be surprised when you buy a second pair for the or laundry room kitchen utility drawer, or the glove box, or- we'll stop there. You get the point(s).

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  • Park Tool quality shop scissor with compact design and effective leverage
  • Sturdy, stainless steel blades are sharp, hold an edge, and can be honed
  • Dual-density grip resists slipping, delivers power, has texture for control
  • Replaces your partner's sewing scissors, or $3 drugstore buy
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