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Park has long offered shop quality hex tools in a variety of styles: multi, 3-way, L-handle, P-handle. Now with the THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set, the folks in Park Tool Blue have released a carefully thought out and executed T-handle set. What makes these different from what’s already out there? The combination of professional grade materials and construction, tight tolerance hex interfaces with chamfered edges, sliding T handles, Speed Spinner handle zones, and each tool has strip gripper hex to get stripped or oversized fasteners out.

Designed and built specifically for a wide variety of bicycle hex work the THH-1 is a set of eight common sizes of professional quality T-Handle hex wrenches built for speed, efficiency, leverage and a perfect fit. Materials wise, Park opted for a carefully selected of Chrome Vanadium and S-2 tool steels to make these pro-level tools. The T-bar slides (with just enough friction resistance) so the user can change the leverage point, moving the shaft closer to the head of the T-bar hex tool. Think removing a pedal via an axle based internal hex where close leverage and control is desired. On the opposite end of the T from the hex is an integrated “Strip-Gripper” twisted hex that makes removal of most bolts with stripped or oversized hexes fast and easy. Of course the end of the long shaft also features a hex interface, so you can take full advantage of the Speed Spinner handle on the shaft for long threaded bolts like bottle cage or headset caps.

Soon to become your favorite hex set, the THH-1 includes a handy tool holder that mounts to any vertical surface, including pegboard and solid surfaces (fasteners not included). While built the THH-1 Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench Set for everyday bike shop use, with materials and features that speed up work flow and can handle all day activity, we know that many cyclists who do their own work will benefit from the quality and features at home or on the road, albeit without the daily workload. Working faster and smarter, while having a Strip Gripper removal tool right at hand is ideal for a home or travel mechanic, because when you need one, you need one. Park offers this set with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm hex wrenches and the tool holder, which we highly recommend, but individual Sliding T-Handles, and Torx options are also available. park even color codes the hex with anodized blue Speed Spinners, while the Torx options use a green version for instant recognition. Smart folks, the people of Park Tool.

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  • Exceptionally well designed and executed Sliding T-Handle hex wrench set
  • Optimal for daily shop use, but super helpful for anyone who works on bikes
  • Carefully selected combination of Chrome Vanadium and S-2 tool steels
  • Machined, chamfered tips allow easier insertion into hex fittings
  • Sliding T-handle creates increased leverage and multiple access positions
  • Unique blue anodized aluminum Speed Spinner makes running long bolts in and out quick and effortless
  • Integrated “Strip-Gripper” twisted hex that makes removal of most bolts with stripped or oversized hexes fast and easy
  • Sizes in set: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm hex wrenches
  • Tool holder is included with the set and mounts to any wall, bench or tool box, perfectly positioning each wrench for easy access and storage (fasteners not included
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