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Fixing flats on the road is less than enjoyable but having the right tools makes it easier and quicker than you'd expect. Park Tool packages their pre-glued GP-2 Super Patch Kit with a set of their standout TL-1.2 Tire Levers in one item to get you on your way.

A set of three tire levers may not be required for every tire removal, so you can spread them around or play it safe. The composite levers have great texture for tactile handling, a proper scoop edge that won't damage your rim or tire bead, and a spoke hook end that makes it seem like you have an extra hand when you need to anchor a lever in place.

The GP-2 Super Patch Kit is about an 1" square and 1/4" thick, meaning it is quite small and compact. It contains six square patches and a piece of sandpaper. The patches themselves use a 3M glue that adheres exceptionally well to the butyl rubber used in tubes, you just have to sand the area where you need the patch, peel the backing off, reinstall the tube and inflate. Depending on location and environmental variables, you won't want to rely on this as a permanent patch, but it will surely get you through your ride and beyond.

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  • Convenient set of tire levers and pre-glued patches for fast road side repair
  • Three TL-1.2 composite tire levers
  • One GP-2 Super Patch kit with 6 patches and 1 piece of sandpaper
  • Have the kit in every saddle bag for flat tire emergencies
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