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Park Tool delivers their own take on the Tubeless Sealant Injector, with the shop mechanic in mind, but ideal for any rider who prefers to sealant off the garage or kitchen floor. it was developed to take the mess out of tubeless tire setup and removal. The 3.5 ounce capacity TSI-1 enables you to inject the perfect amount of sealant directly into mounted tubeless tires through the valve stem without removing the bead from the rim.

The long, thin needle-like tube is able to fit all the way through many Presta stems with removable valve cores, for tidy injection and removal of all injectable tubeless bicycle tire sealants. The TSI-1 features an oversized syringe body with easy-to-read gauge for precise application of sealant, and an overall design that allows you use the syringe with one hand. There are some stipulations as far as what sealants will work, and it often comes down to whether or not the sealant has crystals or flakes mixed in, as these can clog the tube during use.

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  • Oversized syringe-style injector for liquid tubeless sealants with lengthy needle set-up for in-valve use
  • Oversized 3.5 ounce syringe body with easy-to-read gauge for precise application of sealant
  • Can function as an injector, as well as draw out excess liquid sealant as well
  • Needle-tube style design is used inside Presta valve stem with valve core removed
  • Needle-tube is not compatible with sealants with crystals or flakes that can get stuck and block liquid flow
  • Design allows for single hand use and control while injecting/removing liquid sealants
  • Assembly comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Non-comprehensive list of tubeless sealant formulations that have been tested and shown to work with the TSI-1 (July 2021)
    • Continental Revo Sealant
    • Maxima Racing Oils
    • Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle
    • Orange Seal Endurance, Orange Seal Regular, Orange Seal Subzero
    • Panaracer Seal Smart
    • Peaty's
    • Slime STR
    • Squirt SEAL
    • Stan's NoTubes original formula
  • NOTE: some tubeless valve stems feature an opening that is smaller than the tube of the TSI-1. In these cases, the bead must be removed from the rim in order to remove sealant from the tire.
  • Tube dimensions: 120mm (4.75") long x 3.5mm (0.14") diameter
  • Syringe capacity: 3.5 fl. oz. (100 cc)
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