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It is easy to criticize those who have a tool for every need, but when you have the right tool for the job, it gets done quickly, easily, and effectively. The Park ZP-5 Flush Cut Pliers were developed for- wait for it- making flush cuts on softer materials, like zip ties, or cleaning a housing edge, snipping a poorly made plastic frame fitting, etc. Anyone who installs hydraulic line on mountain bikes knows that using zip ties is a fact of life, and anyone who has every brushed their hand or leg up against a sharp zip tie end has cursed out loud. So yes, the ZP-5 is perhaps a niche tool, but a great one to have

The ZP-5 Flush Cut Pliers have a forged and machined narrow cutting surface and flat back side for controlled and clean cuts. The tips are easily maneuvered into place for snipping as well as cutting. The steel cutting edge is not truly designed for metal cables, as in order to get the flushest cuts, the tool edges have to be sharp and thin at the flattest point. Park uses their slim vinyl dipped handles on the ZP-5 for good tactile control and reduced overall size for use in tight spaces.

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  • Handy flush cut pliers ideal for zip ties- great for shop use
  • Forged and machined narrow cutting surface with flush back side
  • Suitable for snipping or cutting softer materials- not effective for steel cables
  • Narrow cutting surface and flat back side for controlled and clean cuts
  • Vinyl dipped handles for good tactile control and reduced overall size
  • Effective in tight spaces
  • Dimensions: L 7.875", W 3.125", H 0.625"
  • Park Tool Blue handles
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