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The Pinarello Nytro Gravel E5 Rival AXS XPLR is a testament to Pinarello's dedication to innovation, integrating electric power assistance into the world of gravel biking. At the heart of this machine is the convergence of performance, style, and technology, ensuring that riders get the most out of their off-road adventures.

The Nytro's frame is meticulously crafted to uphold Pinarello’s iconic aesthetics, while ensuring durability for off-road conditions. Constructed from quality carbon fiber, it guarantees a lightweight yet sturdy foundation, seamlessly integrating the battery and motor components. This provides a near-invisible e-assist feature that remains discreetly tucked away, preserving the traditional bike look.

The E5 Rival AXS XPLR's electric system is designed for those demanding stretches where riders could use a bit of a boost, making uphill terrains and long rides less daunting. However, it's vital to emphasize that this is not just an e-bike; it’s a machine built for enthusiasts who still want to feel the thrill of the ride, but with occasional assistance.

Complementing its electric prowess, the inclusion of SRAM’s Rival AXS XPLR drivetrain offers wireless shifting, ensuring precision and reliability. This modern technology simplifies the rider's experience, making gear shifts smooth and effortless. Along with its gravel-specific components, riders can be confident when tackling unpredictable terrains.

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  • Innovative integration of electric power assistance tailored for gravel biking.
  • Lightweight and durable carbon fiber frame seamlessly houses the battery and motor components.
  • Designed for challenging terrains, offering boosts for uphill stretches and extended rides.
  • Features SRAM’s Rival AXS XPLR drivetrain for precise, wireless shifting.
  • Blends modern e-bike technology with the authentic thrill of traditional cycling.
  • Perfect for both novice and seasoned gravel biking enthusiasts.
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