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Not all gravel riding is a painful slog over sharp loose rocks or endless, repetitive washed out runnels. Nor is gravel always right out the door. You need to know your weather conditions and terrain requirements to choose the optimal tire. If you live in a place where pavement connects you predominantly hard packed gravel backroads, you may well choose an everyday tire like the Pirelli Cinturato Gravel Hard Tubeless Tire. This Tubeless Ready design can carry some speed on smooth pavement and the choicest country roads, but is more than capable in rough sections when needed. It packs the capability to be a very fast hardpack tire with the ability to corner and control the bike like a high volume road tire might on pavement. Pirelli, a company with years of premium tire development and construction at the highest levels of motorsports on all terrains has applied cycling specific knowledge and field testing to develop the Cinturato Gravel tire series and has quickly made an impact on savvy tire buyers. The engineering, material technology and construction ensure grip, control, protection, and comfort while delivering on tubeless performance.

The Cinturato Gravel Hard tire has been designed for compacted terrain and the hardest surfaces. The tread features low, tightly packed knobs and elevated ability to adapt to the terrain, offering a large contact area and therefore excellent feel while riding. The shape is more oval in width than round, and the shoulder-edge knobs are gapped and extended for extra bite when you need it, even in softer sand or mild mud. The special SpeedGRIP Compound adds characteristics of mechanical resistance and chemical grip without compromising the rolling efficiency. This is a gravel tire with unique characteristics of grip in all weather conditions, be they dry or wet, plus a high level of puncture protection.

That protection comes not only from the properties of the rubber compound, but also the specifically woven fabric layer that runs from tube bead to bead. The bead itself is a tubeless-ready aramid construction optimized for wider modern rims. The carcass under that is a 127 tpi multi-layer, overlapping, lighter woven nylon allows the tire to maintain flexibility and surface conformity but adds strength and resiliency. The Tubeless Ready tire employs a specific bead profile that matches with tubeless-ready rim hooks, plus the aramid bead material and specifications that allow for easier mounting and use at low range pressure. Ammonia-free sealant is recommended for best sealing practices, but the bead design also safely allows for tube use as a starting choice, or as an emergency option. Many speed gravel riders who encounter a little more rough stuff may opt for the Gravel Hard as a rear tire, while running a Gravel Mix up front. The tires are available in 700x35, 700x40, and 700x45 in Black, or Black with the Para sidewall.

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  • High-performance, Tubeless Ready hardpack tire with unique characteristics of grip in all weather conditions, be they dry or wet augmented by a high level of puncture protection
  • Fast rolling option as a race or training tire, offered in three gravel-ready widths, but also perfect for many adventure or bikepacking environments
  • Tread: low, densely packed knobs and is made with a rubber compound that guarantees grip, high adaptability to the terrain and, at the same time, resistance to wear
  • Height of the knobs is reduced to increase smoothness and limit deformation when cornering in wet or dry conditions on hardpack when lug penetration isn't possible
  • Rubber: SpeedGRIP Compound adds features of mechanical resistance and chemical grip without compromising the rolling efficiency
  • Protection: woven fabric bead-to-bead layer with a tubeless-ready Aramid bead optimized for wide modern rims
  • Multi-ply overlapping 127 tpi casing allows the tire to maintain flexibility and surface conformity
  • Specific bead profile matches with tubeless-ready rim hooks, plus a specific bead material and specification that allows for easy mounting and holds at low pressure
  • The bead is compatible with inner tubes as well as keeping proper tubeless bead engagement if used as Tubeless Ready with sealant
  • Size-Weight: 700x35 - 410g | 700x40 - 480g | 700x45 - 550g
  • Colors: Black, Black/Para
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