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Pirelli's entry into the bicycle tire world hasn't been subtle or cautious. Pirelli technology and development has long set the standard in the world of motorsports and the company brings distinctive Italian design and engineering passion to cycling, with tires that meet the highest Pirelli standards. Tire development starts in the lab and engineering departments, with material science and construction principles guiding the process. Lab testing of prototypes leads to a threshold where the tires are used on the road, dirt, or gravel by experienced cyclists who push them hard, for thousands of miles in all conditions until is proven ready.

The key has been able to translate moto and auto racing concepts to the very different requirements of cycling. Speeds are slower, loads are lowered, as are forces that the tire is exposed to. Yet a cycling tire is much smaller, thinner, and runs at higher pressures. As such the casing, the belting, the rubber must all be calibrated for the requirements of a bicycle tire- no matter the genre. The experts at Pirelli have mastered these quickly, and brought tires to the market that are already serious challengers to those made by tire companies that have been in the cycling business for decades.