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When race and event performance needs to come from speed and low rolling resistance, and tubeless is your tire preference, the Pirelli PZero Race TLR SL Tire can deliver. By dropping weight, moving to a simple, speed-oriented tread pattern, and removing some puncture protection, the SL draws real distinction between it and it's all-around sibling. Pirelli's bike tires have quickly been adopted by sponsored pro teams and athletes, as well as requested by cyclists everywhere. It certainly helps that the Italian company has deep motorsports ties and understands rubber compounds and tubeless technologies. If the company can deliver series-wide tires for Formula 1 and moto-GP, it knows speed and the qualities that make a tire race-worthy.

Opting for a multi-layer casing allowed Pirelli to make the 120tpi PZero Race TLR SL more supple than one would expect, while still delivering abrasion and puncture protection. This TechWALL road carcass is able to improve overall reliability without adding major weight. The strong yet supple casing uses thinner cut resistant layers for bead to bead abrasion and base puncture protection, but lacks the center belt used with the TechWALL+ version of the non-SL tire. Use of tire sealant enhances the design- sealing small punctures to keep you racing.

The clincher PZero Velo pretty much nailed rubber and tread, but Pirelli was able to improve inherent grip with a triple compound rubber. The SmartEVO Compound is a new formulation and manages to keep the same low rolling resistance and reliability of the clincher while still improving overall performance that favors the lower riding pressures engendered by tubeless use. Pirelli has truly taken their great clincher design as a direct inspiration, but created a fully functional tubeless ready version with it's own technologies and construction. The result is a race tire that will be prized by road cyclists and triathletes for competition on dryer, faster courses where every efficiency will contribute to taking the top step up the podium.

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  • Road Tubeless racing tire with cycling specific technology, design, and features
  • Best for fast racing, TT, Tri even use with smooth, minimal dual center line tread design
  • 120tpi TechWALL Road carcass is lighter than Plus version, lacks center puncture belt
  • Strong yet supple structure formed with multiple cut resistant layers for flexible protection
  • Bead to bead abrasion and basic puncture protection
  • SmartEVO Compound is a new formulation that enhances already excellent performance
  • Formula mixes three different polymers to deliver better grip on both wet & dry surfaces, while also having low rolling resistance and good damping qualities
  • Design effectively reduces noise, delivers grip and feel with emphasis on speed, low resistance
  • Delivers speed with sensational handling feedback
  • 700x24&26 sizes are NOT compatible with hookless rims
  • Size-Weight: 700x26 - 245g | 700x28 - 275g (28mm 73psi max on hookless rims)
  • Color: Black
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