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Pirelli's latest innovation in the cycling tire sector, the P ZERO™ Race TLR, marks a significant advancement in tire technology. This new model enhances an already successful line by focusing on a critical performance aspect: rolling resistance. The centerpiece of this enhancement is the introduction of the SpeedCORE™ carcass, a sophisticated and technologically advanced structure at the heart of the tire.

The SpeedCORE™ carcass represents a paradigm shift in tire design. It comprises a thin, air-tight layer of a bespoke rubber compound, enriched with aramid particles, strategically placed within the tire's internal structure. This layer is not just a barrier against air loss; it's a core element that elevates the tire's performance. The chosen rubber compound is notable for its remarkable flexibility, which directly translates to lower rolling resistance. This means the tire can move faster and more efficiently, delivering a noticeable improvement in speed and energy conservation for the rider.

Incorporation of aramid into the SpeedCORE™ is a deliberate choice, leveraging its high tensile strength to enhance the tire's puncture resistance. This feature is particularly beneficial for cyclists who traverse mixed terrains and require a tire that can withstand various challenges without compromising on performance.

Further fortifying the P ZERO™ Race TLR is a high-density 120tpi nylon fabric, which forms a crucial part of the carcass. This fabric layer adds durability and resilience, ensuring the tire's longevity and consistent performance over time. An additional anti-puncture aramid breaker layer acts as a safeguard against sharp objects and debris, providing an extra layer of security.

The tread of the P ZERO™ Race TLR maintains Pirelli's advanced SmartEVO compound, renowned for its exceptional grip and handling properties. This compound ensures the tire maintains optimal performance in diverse conditions, from wet roads to sharp turns.

Each aspect of the P ZERO™ Race TLR, from its innovative SpeedCORE™ carcass to the SmartEVO tread compound, reflects Pirelli's dedication to excellence and innovation in tire technology, crafted with precision in Italy to meet the demands of the most discerning cyclists.

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  • Pirelli's advanced P ZERO™ Race TLR tire with reduced rolling resistance
  • Innovative SpeedCORE™ carcass with air-tight rubber and aramid particles
  • Enhanced flexibility for faster, more efficient performance
  • Increased puncture resistance due to aramid in SpeedCORE™
  • High-density 120tpi nylon fabric for added durability
  • Extra security with anti-puncture aramid breaker layer
  • Optimal grip and handling with SmartEVO tread compound
  • Crafted in Italy, reflecting Pirelli's dedication to tire technology excellence
  • Weight: 26mm: 275g, 28mm: 295g, 30mm: 315g, 32mm: 335g
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