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Pirelli's latest expansion of the P ZERO tire series introduces the P ZERO Road TLR, a cutting-edge tubeless tire that embodies the pinnacle of comprehensive, all-round performance. At the core of this innovation is the integration of the EVO compound and the newly developed TechLINER carcass. This carcass features a robust 120tpi casing paired with a specialized rubber liner, engineered to enhance pressure retention. The combination of these elements positions the P ZERO™ Road TLR as an unparalleled solution, offering an optimal balance of speed, comfort, and protection, making it an ideal choice for a variety of riding experiences.

Specifically designed for cyclists seeking a tire that excels in endurance and all-round performance, the P ZERO Road TLR stands out for its road-specific EVO Compound. This chemical formulation is the result of extensive research and development, aiming to achieve maximum versatility. It boasts excellent rolling resistance, superior wet grip, and impressive durability. The EVO Compound epitomizes the harmonious blend of seemingly opposite characteristics, making it an ideal choice for those in pursuit of a tire that can adeptly handle diverse racing conditions. It is a signature feature exclusive to the P ZERO™ range.

The TechLINER, another distinctive aspect of the P ZERO Road TLR, is a tubeless, road-specific 120tpi casing that incorporates a rubber liner for improved pressure retention. This innovative feature enhances the tire's overall performance, allowing for swift and comfortable rides while relying on robust and reliable technology. Designed for endurance and all-around application, the TechLINER is exclusive to the P ZERO Road TLR, further cementing its position as a tire that meets the dynamic needs of serious cyclists.

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  • Pirelli's P ZERO™ Road TLR: a perfect all-round tubeless tire.
  • Incorporates EVO compound and new TechLINER carcass for enhanced performance.
  • Features a 120tpi casing with a rubber liner for better pressure retention.
  • Optimal balance of speed, comfort, and protection for diverse rides.
  • Designed for cyclists focusing on balanced, endurance-oriented performance.
  • Road-specific EVO Compound offers good rolling resistance, wet grip, and durability.
  • Exclusive TechLINER technology in P ZERO™ Road TLR for reliable endurance performance.
  • Weight: 28mm: 240grams, 30mm: 370grams, 32mm: 400grams
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