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Pirelli's TPU entry in the lightweight clincher tube world rivals the best others have to offer, with lightweight, low volume storage, excellent ride feel, and inherent puncture resistance. While the tube itself is a yellow color, the 60mm valve stem carrying a removable stem is an aesthetically pleasing black.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane offers properties that easily overcome the best butyl has to offer, and the SmarTUBE delivers up to 70% less weight, about 50% lower volume (boxed/stored). The flat protection is generally considered superior, but Pirelli makes no such direct claim. Rolling resistance inside a clincher tire less than butyl, for a more supple and theoretically fast ride. Compared to latex tubes, the TPU tube has superior flat protection, is close to or lighter than many latex options, but can't quite get close on rolling resistance. The construction process for TPU tubes and the material costs are greater, but the benefits are real, especially for a road rider looking for the best overall combination of these characteristics. The SmarTUBE is also great as a back-up tube for clincher or tubeless tires because of it's light weight and compact size. Only you can decide if the expense is inline with your thought process of the overall concept of a disposable tube, but our customer base has embraced the TPU tube concept and feedback is positive overall.

Pirelli's P ZERO SmarTUBE is the most advanced inner tube in their range. It was designed to match the need for lightness and handling of professional World Tour riders, a number of whom have moved to clincher tires over both tubular and tubeless options, even though Pirelli's first TPU application was inside the P ZERO Race Tubular SL. TPU is an advanced plastic material characterized by elasticity and mechanical strength, giving it great expansion inside a tire without bonding to the tire or rim bed like butyl. One piece of advice, if you pre-inflate, just add enough air for minimal shaping, as adding too much will over- expand the tube. As a final helpful note, at release Pirelli has indicated these tubes are not patchable/repairable.

Pirelli considers the P ZERO SmarTUBE the ultimate evolution for the cyclists that prefer the standard clincher tire setup and want to improve the performance of their bikes as well as those who are looking for a light and compact spare tube for tubeless-ready tires. Compatible with rim and disc brakes for road use, the P Zero SmarTUBE can truly elevate clincher tire performance and has other benefits serious road enthusiasts love.

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  • Advanced inner tube with TPU instead of butyl or latex, offering a unique combination of features
  • Wonderfully lightweight, compact, and carries inherent puncture protection comparable or better than butyl
  • Flat protection of TPU is generally considered superior to butyl, but Pirelli makes no such direct claim
  • Save up to 70% of weight versus a comparable size butyl tube
  • Offers 50% less bulk as well, for easier storage in a saddle bag, backpack, or jersey pocket
  • TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) offers unique features with elasticity and mechanical strength
  • Makes an excellent primary tube with clinchers, as well a great back-up for clincher and tubeless tires
  • Compatible with disc and rim brakes
  • Presta valve; Black, with a removeable valve core
  • Size/Valve/Weight: 700x23/32c, 60mm, 35g / 700x28-35 60mm, 70 grams
  • Color: Yellow (Black valve stem)
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