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ProGold has offered several products that Excel Sports has carried as strong selling staples for decades. ProLink lube and the standard Bike Wash are used daily in our shop. With this Degreaser and Bike Wash ProGold delivers a single product that can safely and effectively remove grease and dirt, making it easier and more time effective to get the results you need. It has been popular with the cyclocross world, and can be considered a great option for full on-cleaning of gravel and mountain bikes as well. Even road cyclists will employ it as a drivetrain cleaner and for post ride cleaning on long, wet grimy rides. For the same reason, commuters will love it.

The product is a water-based alkali detergent designed for use as all-purpose cleaner. It cleans grime, oil, and greases gently, by effectively separating and suspending oils and soils from surfaces. Like most degreasers and cleansers that are considered safe on all surfaces, it can irritate the skin, so use of basic protective gloves is recommended. A thorough water and soap wash is adequate for cleaning the skin if exposed. While not flammable, again as with virtually all such cleaners, you should use ProGold's Degreaser and Bike Wash in an open, ventilated area.

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  • Concentrated degreaser and wash designed for bicycle drivetrains and general cleaning
  • Much more cost effective per usage than many specialty cleaning products
  • Water-based alkali detergent for use as all-purpose cleaner
  • Effectively separates and suspends oils and soils
  • Cleans grime, oil, and greases gently
  • Safe for use on all surfaces
  • Contains (Ingredient- purpose): Water- solvent, Alcohol Ethoxylates- surfactant, Sodium Sesquicarbonate- alkalinity builder, Potassium Carbonate- alkalinity builder, Iminodisuccinic Acid Tetrasodium Salt- chelating agent, Potassium Hydroxide- alkalinity builder, Acid Green 1- colorant
  • Ideally wear basic protective gloves when using; if needed, wash skin with plenty of soap and water
  • Best used in open area with ventilation
  • Size option: 16oz
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