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ProGold's standard ProLink Cahin Lube has long been a favorite of Excel Sports, techs, sales staff, and customers. With Xtreme Chain Lube, the Georgia-based company has stepped up the capabilities of their MFR (metal friction reducer) technology by optimizing the base lubricant with more resilient chemical carriers, which maintain a stronger bond in extreme conditions such as high heat, grittier particulate and hard, long distance use.

The MFR additive bonds to metal surfaces and resists build-up and tackiness, in addition to shedding water and grit, delivering consistent performance and wear protection longer, with better overall results. To create the proper base, ProGold re-configured the percentages of the proven ProLink, for a slightly heavier weight that increases overall MFR bonding and wear capability, creating an Xtreme lube you can trust as much as the original, and beyond.

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  • Extreme conditions lube from the maker of ProLink chain lube
  • Incredible friction reducing MFR technology in a different base solvent formulation
  • Increases bonding capabilities for more durable effect even at extreme temperatures and long use
  • Ideal for gravel and mountain bike use
  • Follow all application, usage, and storage instructions
  • Sheds dirt, mud and abrasives; repels moisture and reduces oxidation/corrosion
  • Disperses water and resists wash-off
  • Smoother shifting, quieter drive train, for longer chain and sprocket life
  • Size options: 4oz Drip bottle, 16oz Spray bottle
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