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These Reserve 50|50 DT 350 Carbon Wheels are first quality, top grade products listed a close-out special. With this sale price, the wheelset will come with a Shimano HG11 freehub body installed, and come additionally come with a SRAM XDR driver. Take advantage of great pricing to get this high quality, DT-equipped mid-aero carbon wheelset today.

Here at Excel Sports, we love a great training wheel that can be raced without a disadvantage. The Reserve 50|50 is your ultra-reliable training partner, your training ride personal best option, and your week-in, week-out road riding and racing wheelset. It’s plenty aerodynamic, with a fast mid-aero profile that is still manageable and shaped for success, so you’ll still get quick, predictable handling on blustery days. The 21mm internal width will work equally well with 25mm race tires and 30-35mm training/offseason tires, and the traditional bead hook means the wheels can happily be set up tubeless or with tubes. In keeping with its workmanlike ways, you’ll find external nipples and normal spokes, as Reserve doesn’t think you should ever have to take a tire and rim tape off just to re-tension a spoke.

DT Swiss supplies their fast responding, incredibly reliable, wonderfully easy-to-service DT Swiss 350 Center Lock disc hubset for this version of the 50|50 wheelset. The 350's aren't the lightest in the line, the 180's have that lofty perch, but are much more cost effective, allowing the wheelset to come in at retail $1800. The straightpull spokes allow for very high tension, excellent power transfer, lateral stiffness, and some rim and rider forgiveness. External nipples are used for easy true/tension with this 24 hole (front and rear) set-up with 2x/2x lacing all-around. The hubs are built for thru-axle use, with a 12/100mm front and 12/142mm rear configuration to go along with the Center Lock disc rotor interface. The drive system on the rear hub is the DT 36SL Ratchet freehub; known as one of the easiest ever offered to service or replace, with exceptional reliability and engagement. DT's own steel cartridge bearings and seals are superior, delivering exceptional protection from the elements and long life.

Reserve is a company committed to creating the best carbon rims for mountain, gravel and road cycling. Started by engineers from Santa Cruz, then buttressed from an aerodynamic perspective through a professional partnership with Cervelo, which features Reserve wheelsets on many of their great complete bikes, the team at Reserve has built a reputation for exceptional strength, resilience, and physical characteristics, including tubeless read excellence and impressive aerodynamics. From day one of rim sales Reserve has backed their carbon rims with a lifetime warranty, which is the ultimate indicator of belief in the product and the desire to back it up.

With the DT hub system it is a simple, with a tool-free process to change the freehub body from Shimano to SRAM XDR before you install a cassette, or if you have removed a cassette. The driveside end caps are specific to each body. You simply need to pull off the end cap and body- this can generally be done by hand. The star ratchets and spring system will be re-used, so leave those in place. Then slide the XDR freehub body onto the axle (you may have to slightly turn, wiggle to get the ratchets and drive aligned, then push the body fully into place in the hub. The XDR body will be stamped as EXP, and it is cross-compatible with Star Ratchet simply by using the ratchet and spring system. Push the proper endcap on, then you are ready to install your cassette. If you have any questions or challenges, please call us during business hours and ask for assistance from our mechanic staff.

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  • Carbon, 52mm mid-aero Road wheelset for Tubeless/Clincher use, disc brake only; featuring DT Swiss 350 CL disc hubset (shipped with Shimano HG11(installed) and SRAM XDR freehub bodies)
  • Rim's offer real aerodynamic benefits, with an allrounder mid-aero profile, while ensuring quick, predictable handling
  • Wheelset delivers excellent stability at challenging wind angles and in group-driven turbulence
  • Optimally designed For: Road racing, criteriums, fast group rides, solo fast training
  • Internal rim width: 21mm
  • External rim width: 28mm
  • Offset: Zero (symmetrical rim shape)
  • Spoke hole count: 24 (front and rear); laced straightpull 2x/2x all around, external nipples
  • DT Swiss 350 CL disc, thru-axle hubset, straightpull flanges; Rear features 36SL Ratchet drive freehub
  • Reserve Lifetime Warranty (for riding-specific failure, crash replacement discount policy for purely accidental damage not related to quality or manufacturing)
  • Thru-axle spec: 12/100 Front, 12/142mm Rear
  • Disc interface: Center Lock
  • Includes: Tubeless rim tape, valves
  • ASTM Condition rating: Class 1 (for road surfaces, regular ground contact)
  • Tire pressure rating on these rims is governed by the tires used, not limited by the rim specifications
  • 700c Road Tire width range: 25-35mm
  • Freehub: Shimano HG11 installed, SRAM XDR comes with the wheelset as well
  • Finish: Carbon
  • Weight: 1642 grams (actual, bare)
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