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Ritchey uses its Comp line of components to deliver high quality, cost effective solutions for building your cockpit set-up. The Comp Carbon 2-bolt seatpost is a perfect example. You get a proven 2-bolt, secure head design, bonded to a carbon post provides a class-leading balance between strength, weight and adjustability. The slick matte carbon finish looks great with almost any frame and adds a touch of class to any build.

Functionally the Comp Carbon is both laterally stiff and somewhat vertically compliant, which means power transfer is excellent, you the ride gets a little smoother. The 2-bolt head unit is 38mm long, for a perfect clamping zone, and the clamp opens up far enough to accept many oversized or ovalized seat rails. This type of 2 bolt system must be tightened to torque spec gradually, moving back and forth from bolt to bolt as you go. Once you get to listed torque levels, make sure both bolts are set.This version of the post is the 25mm off-set model and there can a lot of weight on the saddle itself. Follow all instructions for ensuring that the mechanism is properly carrying and supporting your saddle. If you do this, the Comp Carbon Seatpost will be a joy to use.

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  • Cost effective, high quality, press-bonded carbon/aluminum off-set seatpost
  • Proven 2-bolt design provides balance between strength, weight and adjustability
  • Low profile clamp won't bottom out on saddle
  • Bolts are oriented to the axis of the rails for greatest contact area with saddle
  • Wide saddle clamp reduces stress on lightweight saddle rails
  • Works with a wide range of saddle rail dimensions
  • Cradle dimensions: 43x38mm
  • Setback: 25mm off-set
  • Diameter options: 27.2mm, 31.6mm
  • Length options: 350mm, 400mm
  • Color: UD Matte Black
  • Weight: 229 grams (27.2x350)
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