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The Comp Streem saddle from Ritchey simply highlights and matches what is important to many riders. The Comp Streem is light at 250 grams; yet durable due to its quality synthetic leather cover and its nylon-glass fiber shell. This minimalist saddle has been the choice for many riders over the years because the flex built into the ‘wings’ of the saddle. Ritchey has patented this design as the Vector Wing, and it works extremely well, allowing the muscles of the hindquarters to travel throughout the pedal stroke without bounce, keeping contact with the saddle for maximum power transfer, while evenly reducing pressure across the contact area.

Riders who favor the Comp Streem design tend to prefer narrower (132mm), firmer saddles with just the right amount of padding, but now Ritchey offers a 145mm width for riders who require a mid-width saddle but still want the sleek design. Ritchey uses a moderate layer of mid-density lightweight foam that hits the Goldilocks measure for many riders. The 278mm length allows the rider to move fore and aft easily, defining the pedaling position best suited for the immediate effort. As a very affordable saddle with high end features, the Comp Streem is ready to perform.

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  • All around saddle with patented Vector Wing design dissipates pressure evenly
  • Nylon-Glass Fiber shell, perforated microfiber cover, light mid-density foam
  • Low profile design with slight thigh wings on leading edge of tail support
  • Available in two widths: 132mm, 145mm
  • Length for both widths: 278mm
  • 7mm round Cromoly steel rails
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 250 grams (132mm)
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