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This tool is a must have for anyone installing a stem, carbon handlebar, seat post or really any bolt with a 5 or 4 Newton Meter limit. It allows you to properly install carbon bars and stem without fear of over-torqueing. The Ritchey Multi-Torque Key is a staple that all bike shops and modern tool boxes should have.

It is simple to use giving a reliable click that is both felt and heard when maximum torque is reached. Just install the correct bit and twist the comfortable T handle until the desired torque value is met. No re-calibration or resetting is necessary. The quality hardened steel bits insert into the tool and feature magnetic bit retention so they stay put during service. A molded handle is constructed of high density plastic and is built to last.

Choose from either 4Nm or 5Nm torque values with 6 bits or 5Nm torque value with 4 bits. The 4 bit version has a 3, 4, and 5mm Hex (Allen) a T20 Torx. The 6 bit version adds a T25 Torx and a #1 Philips.

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  • Perfectly portable
  • Choose your size and torque
  • Magnetic bit retention
  • Super handy and easy to use
  • Quality bits won't strip alloy bolts
  • Includes bit holder
  • 53 grams
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