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Gram for gram, the Ritchey Superlogic Carbon is the stiffest, most advanced Ritchey stem ever. This stiffness is achieved thanks to the use of high modulus carbon fiber, increased boom diameter and a wider clamp. Ritchey designed the Superlogic C260 carbon stem to meet the needs of high-wattage Spring Classics specialists while weighing in the mid 120 gram range. Now you can get the stiffness of a sprinter's stem at the weight of most "regular" stems plus get awesome stealth matte carbon good looks. So this stem will both perform and cause onlookers to step back and take notice.

The C260 portion of the name means Circumference 260°. If you take e peak at the sideways profile of the stem, you can see the stem wraps around the bar 260°, while the faceplate is limited to 100° to complete the 360° circle. In effect, the stem holds around 2/3 of the bar in an over-center design and the faceplate holds only about 1/3 of the bar. The 260 clamp design reduces weight, increases stiffness and distributes stress more evenly. Another advance from the traditional design are faceplate fixing bolts that tighten from the back for greatly reduced bolt stress and a refined look of the AL-2014 alloy faceplate.

The clamping mechanism to the fork steer tube has been altered from previous designs as well. The slanted slot is replaced with an arcing radius and 3 bolts with the middle bolt having an opposed direction from the top and bottom bolts. This helps further reduce the amount of stress on the steer tube of today's super lightweight carbon forks. All the faceplate and steer tube bolts are hardened for strength.

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  • Premium grade carbon stem with exceptional 260° clamp system, super stiff, strong
  • Made of pressure molded high modulus carbon, with AL-2014 faceplate
  • C260 bar clamp creates a larger stem-to-bar interface, drastically reducing bolt stress
  • Fits most 31.8mm diameter road and mountain bars- must be installed narrow to wide from side of clamp opening
  • 3x steerer tube bolts and curved clamp slot reduces weight and steerer tube stress
  • All black stainless steel bolts are Torx T20 type
  • Faceplate bolts enter at an angle, rear facing into faceplate
  • Stack height: 42mm
  • Faceplate width: 42mm
  • Angle: 84° +/-6°
  • Sizes: 80, 90, 100, 110 ,120 ,130 mm
  • Color: Matte UD carbon
  • Weight: 125 grams (110mm)
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