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The Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt seatpost was designed from ground up offering a very effective and reliable carbon seatpost with a clever and simple saddle clamp at a very low weight. The post and cradle are made from one piece of UD carbon fiber for better support and fewer moving parts. This also means no bonding or gluing, so the strength of the post is greatly increased, while eliminating excess weight. The internally butted shaft shaves grams and produces excellent vibration damping characteristics and offers a little flex under load at impact.

The cradle on the top of the seatpost shaft is wide and holds Ritchey's ingenious Sidewinder 1-Bolt clamp assembly. This clamp mechanism allows you to adjust both angle and fore aft adjustment with one bolt at the same time. The bolt is located on the side of the seatpost for easy access. Adjusting your seatpost has never been easier. The assembly is also much lighter than standard clamp design, so this post is a winner in terms of light weight, strength and ease of adjustment.

One note - the included clamp only works on standard 7mm saddle rails but Ritchey offers 1-bolt carbon clamp kits for 7mm x 9.6mm (Fizik Carbon) or 8mm x 8.5mm oversize saddle rails- sold separately.

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  • Lightweight UD carbon seatpost for optimal flex, comfort, excellent 1-bolt clamp design
  • Lightweight, strong, reliable; easy to set saddle angle
  • Low-profile head for optimal saddle clearance and sleek lines
  • Precision forged alloy clamp assembly for 7mm round rails with 12Nm torque spec
  • UD carbon matte finish
  • Setback options: Zero, 25mm
  • Diameters: 27.2, 31.6mm
  • Weight: 185 grams (27.2/350)
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