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Complement your matte effect Blatte Ritchey cockpit kit with this Ritchey WCS Carbon Bottle Cage. The UD carbon finish with subtle black gloss logo's suit the contemporary black on black aesthetic of current bike and component design. Don't worry, if, as they say,history repeats itself, colorful anodized aluminum cages will be back in force sometime soon! But, as cool as those old cages looked, at least right out of the package, the performance and detail of the WCS Carbon Bottle Cage will blow them away.

At 35 grams, this UD carbon cage is not the lightest out there, but if you are like us, another 10 grams matters little when your bottle is ejected as you descend a rough road at speed. Ten expletives later you consider buying a cage with excellent bottle retention and manageable access under any riding situation. You may also enjoy the clean open section that gives you considerable room for setting the mounting height of the cage on your bottle bosses. With it's light weight, bottle retention, ease of use, and stylish good looks, Ritchey hits all the marks with the WCS Carbon Bottle Cage.

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  • Lightweight UD carbon fiber cage molded to shape that controls and holds bottles
  • Will not fatigue over time, and is resistant to impact damage
  • Long open center section allows for maximum mounting height flexibility
  • Designed for stand diameter water bottles of any length
  • Top and bottom tabs, along with triangular sides hold bottle securely
  • Natural matte UD Carbon finish with logos
  • Options: Matte w/gloss Black decals, Matte w/ White decals
  • Weight: 35 grams
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