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Road Road Forks

The Ritchey WCS Carbon Fork, with a full length 1⅛" steerer, is stronger than ever due to the unidirectional carbon fiber monocoque construction and fork blade design, while weighing in at less than 330 grams. It provides comfort, precision steering, and reliable performance that adds to the ride quality of any frame. Updated, stealthier lines complement the UD carbon for an improved appearance, while the design now accommodates a 30mm road tire.

Optimizing the fork for both stiffness and ride quality required the use of several carbon fiber types to manage the varying loads and stresses placed on the fork. Structural integrity against impact, vertical compliance, lateral and torsional stiffness from leg to leg, as well as deflection all has to be balanced. The fiber choices and orientations determine the ultimate properties of the finished fork. The WCS Carbon Fork is lightweight, exhibits great wheel control and a smooth ride, all while allowing the rider to drive the front wheel hard into a corner with confidence. Ritchey has moved back to alloy drop outs, as with new processes these were engineered to be stronger and more resilient than the mold carbon versions that preceded them. Currently made only for quick release use, 100mm hub spacing, this fork is a great upgrade or replacement for an older stock fork on bikes with a straight 1⅛" steerer tube. The integrated head tube design works well with most current headset designs and the overall clean aesthetic and subtle graphics go with almost any frame type.

The UD carbon has been covered with a matte coat. Technically speaking Ritchey built this fork with a 371mm axle-to-crown distance, so it accommodates most true 700x30 road tires. The rake is 46mm. Ritchey also includes their excellent compression plug, which is both easy to use/adjust and highly reliable. Here at Excel we have a long history with Ritchey carbon forks and the WCS Carbon Fork is top notch, modern, and sexy. We love the ride quality, control, and clean look, as well as the 325 gram pre-cut weight. It may not feel as stiff as today's tapered designs, but if you have a frame that requires an 1⅛" steerer, you won't find a fork that rides better.

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  • Stunning lightweight road fork with beautiful matte UD finish
  • One-piece monocoque high modulus carbon construction, with alloy dropouts
  • Various types and grades of carbon fiber used, in varying directional layup to optimize ride quality, strength, stiffness and comfort
  • For standard dual pivot road caliper brakes
  • Dropout: 9/100mm quick release type
  • Integrated carbon crown race
  • Axle to crown: 371mm (will accommodate most true 700x30 tires)
  • Steerer tube length: 300mm
  • Steerer tube diameter: 1⅛
  • Compression plug included
  • Rake: 46mm
  • Color: Matte UD carbon
  • Weight: 325 grams (full length)
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