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You have to love the folks at Ritchey, as they continually seek to improve rider experiences with a variety of products. Made specifically for drop-bar bike lovers, the new Gravel Grips from Ritchey deliver heaps of cushioning support, practical comfort and confident control for any and all of your gravel adventures. They’re also great for road cyclists who prefer a bit more cushion on the drops. Minimalist, low cost, high-density foam grips have been common on mountain bike handlebars for decades, where they perform amazingly well under the harshest conditions. Since Ritchey has so much experience and history with mountain bikes and gravel riding, the product team realized they could just make their grips longer and apply them to the drop zone of a road or gravel bike. Then they tested them and the reviews were as hoped: amazing comfort on long rides in the rough stuff or on those extended weekend road rides. That describes a majority of riders we know in Colorado.

The flexible and pliable foam Gravel Grips slide onto the ends of the drops and easily fit around the bar curve and over special features like the Bio-Bend on the Ritchey VentureMax bar series. How far up the bar they go is up to you. Position them to where they meet the hoods or trim them as short as you want and run tape the rest of the way up the bar. Or find the combination that works best for you. Weighing a mere 50g, the 4mm Ritchey Gravel Grips hardly weigh down your rig while offering plenty of cushion without feeling too bulky. The price is right too, so if you want to give them a try now, or when you need to replace your tape, the commitment is modest.

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  • Round shape foam grips designed for road/gravel drop bars for extra comfort and protection
  • Most gravel riders use the drops for descents and rough sections, ideal scenarios for WCS Gravel Grips
  • Material: high-density foam
  • Flexible and pliable to accommodate ergonomic shapes/bends
  • Grip ends are open, use included bar end plugs
  • Length: 200mm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Diameter: 20mm ID (material stretches, allowing for tighter fit on 23.8mm OD bars)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 50g (w/o plugs)
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