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When the road or track gets too rough and inconsistent, maintaining stability and control of the bike is crucial. The same goes for descending in such conditions, or on a twisty, narrow trail. Gravel bars are often made wider for this reason, and the drops flare to create a wider and lower center of gravity and leverage. Ritchey offers a series of VentureMax handlebar options, the WCS VentureMax XL is the bar for those who truly take on the roughest and most challenging tracks and don't mid hauling gear and supplies for a multi-day adventure. Tom Ritchey was taking on this type of riding long before it had a category and the WCS VentureMax XL is a direct reflection of that experience. With its short reach, shallow drop, and purposeful flare out to 64.7cm, the WCS VentureMax XL offers incredible control and stability to legions of riders looking to settle in and have some fun on those dirty drop bar adventures.

Bikepacking adventures demand components that deliver unmatched comfort, practical features and logical design. Taking the idea of the original alloy WCS VentureMax to the next level, or rather width, the WCS VentureMax XL features all of the goodness of the original bar but widens it way out with a 24 degree flare. Appealing especially to the bikepacking and adventure community, the WCS VentureMax XL offers ergonomic tops for a more comfortable hand position, and the wider grip ensures more off-road control and stability when fully-loaded. Plus, there is plenty of real estate on either side of the stem for mounting accessories and bags. Additionally, the WCS VentureMax XL also features a 4.6 degree Flare Out, 6-degree back sweep, aero-shaped 38x22.5mm tops, and drilling for a Shimano EW-RS910 junction box.

While the 52cm WCS VentureMax XL boasts a number of attributes including multiple hand positions, it’s the return of the Bio-bend to the drops adds yet another design element that is practical and comfortable for whatever surface you choose to ride upon and for however long your adventure endures.

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  • Gravel/Adventure/Bikepacking handlebar with singular ergonomic features and design
  • Offers ergonomic tops for a more comfortable hand position
  • The wider grip ensures more off-road control and stability on roughest surfaces even when your bike is fully loaded
  • Material: triple-butted 7050 alloy
  • Bend style: ergo bio-bend
  • Top style: ergonomic, aero-shaped 38x22.5mm top surfaces
  • Di2 routing: compatible with Shimao EW-RS910 junction box
  • Handlebar clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Bar shape is Ritchey C260 Stem design compatible
  • Accessory mount diameter: 31.8mm
  • Clip-On bar compatible
  • Drop: 102mm / Reach: 75mm / Drop flare: 24°
  • Flare out: Flare Out: 6°
  • Back Sweep: 4.6°
  • Full width measured out to outside at bar end: 647mm
  • Size: 52cm (measured at the initial bend rather than at the hood)
  • Finish: Blatte
  • Weight: 325g
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