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When you need a long, straight, strong, utterly reliable aluminum seatpost, we recommend you buy the Ritchey WCS Zero Seatpost. This 400mm long, 2-bolt, zero offset post offers a solid connection to your saddle rails, which is reassuring when you have considerable post length exposed. While stiff, the highly resilient 7050 aluminum alloy offers very mild flex to take the edge of rough impacts.

The head design is for 7mm round seatpost rails, and with 2-bolt fastening from the compression design, you can easily set your seat angle exactly where you want it, and when both bolts are alternately fastened to the 7Nm torque spec, the position won't change until you want it to. In the 27.2 x 400mm size, the WCS Zero Seatpost weighs in at just 210 grams.

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  • Zero offset, 400mm long 2-bolt clamp aluminum seatpost
  • Extruded 7050 aluminum alloy seatpost with alloy clamp head
  • Stiff, strong, lightweight, and incredibly reliable, with just a hint of flex at impact
  • Fore-aft 2-bolt clamp system allows for any desired angle
  • When both bolts are fastened to 7Nm torque, the clamp will never shift or slip
  • Ideal for severe sloping frame design (road, mountain, adventure, gravel) when considerable post length is exposed
  • Clamp for 7mm round saddle rails (no other clamp option available)
  • Length: 400mm
  • Diameter options: 27.2mm, 31.6mm
  • Finish: Blatte
  • Weight: 210 grams (27.2mm)
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