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Miracle Red bio-degreaser is a great product that cleans exceptionally well and is all natural and safe to use. Sold here as a concentrate, please follow all instructions regarding the proper water-to-Miracle Red ratio for safe and effective results. Many people simply use an existing spray bottle for convenience, or when cleaning a chain a cassette off the bike, have a small-ish bucket prepared with full concentrate or modestly-diluted mix.

Frankly, Miracle Red Spray is great for not only bikes but many household jobs. Miracle Red can be sprayed on splattered bugs stuck on everything from handlebars to motorcycle wind screens and beyond. Wet down what is being washed, apply diluted Miracle Red with a spray bottle or rag, and let sit for a quick few minutes before a quick wash and onto the final rinse. Then step back and see the superlative results with no residue. For many years Rock N Roll has claimed all kinds of people have found Miracle Red to be the best natural cleaner they have ever used. This 16oz liquid concentrate comes with a squeeze flip-top spout that closes, good for getting small quantities into rags before wiping down greasy parts. Put it on in concentrated form when there's lots of grease and grit to work with. Dilute one part with 4-5 parts of water and put it in a spray bottle for less formidable cleanings. At this dilution, it sill works as an excellent degreaser and goes much further. It can even take oil stains out of clothes or used to clean greasy hands. Always rinse thoroughly.

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  • Concentrated bio-degreaser in flip top bottle for mixing/diluting and using to soak dirty components
  • Following the instructions, you can also dilute at proper water to product ratio and use in a spray bottle
  • Great for bikes and gear, but also can be used vehicles and glass as an effective bug smear remover
  • It can even help remove grease from some clothing items- test first, and follow all instructions!
  • Makes for an excellent greasy hand cleaner- just rinse well afterwards
  • Type: Bio-Degreaser in Concentrate form
  • Size: 16oz flip-top spout bottle
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