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Rock "N" Roll is probably better known for their top-scoring, low-friction chain lubes but they put the same King of Lubes passion into their grease. Super Web Grease is the best grease for bearings thanks to its ability to withstand water and dirt. Other greases, even those touted as "waterproof" break down with the introduction of dirt and grime. Super Web will continue to lubricate in the harshest conditions. It keep your parts from becoming worn and helps them to last much longer. This quality grease reduces the frequency of bearing overhauls simply because it is so long lasting. The staying power of Super Web makes it great for a variety of uses beyond just bearings.

This incredible grease has the ability to withstand water and lubricates very well thanks to high amounts of PTFE. Use this grease in high load areas like bottom brackets, headsets, and hubs. It is great for suspension cartridge bearings that see little rotation, but are highly stressed and exposed to contamination. Super Web does not migrate away from bearing surfaces or wash out when exposed to the elements.

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  • Excellent bearing grease
  • Great staying power even with water and dirt
  • Perfect for suspension bearings
  • Can be used as an all purpose grease
  • Used as an OE grease by many high-end manufacturers
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