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The Rockshox High Pressure Fork/Shock pump is absolutely essential to properly service and maintain all RockShox products. Tuning your suspension fork and rear shock with the ideal pressure is just as critical as getting the perfect tire pressure. Running too little pressure can actually damage or even ruin expensive equipment. Owning two pumps - one for the home workshop and another for the mobile race toolkit will likely pay dividends.

This high pressure pump is available in two versions, 300psi max, or 600 psi max. It is the perfect size at only 9 inches long to easily fit in the home or mobile tool box yet it typically just takes a few pumps to get things up to pressure. A strong metal body can hold up to whatever you can dish out. The head is very well made of durable steel threading very smoothly onto valves with no leakage whatsoever. A pressure release valve lets you back off to the perfect pressure or release all the air before an overhaul service.

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  • High pressure fork/shock pump with Schrader style chuck
  • Super smooth and precise thread-on chuck
  • Bleed valve
  • Very durable metal construction
  • Staff favorite
  • Two options: 300psi max, 600psi max
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