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Experience a dynamic awakening of your bike on the open road with the latest Alpinist CL II. The Alpinest carbon rims, Specialized's finest rim creation yet in terms of weight and handling, are now paired with the performance advantages of a tubeless system. The all-new Alpinist CL II bridges the gap between earth and mountain-level performance, meticulously engineered to optimize the benefits of low rim and spoke masses.

Employing the same rim technology as the Alpinist CLX II, the Alpinist CL II responds instantaneously to even the slightest power increase, propelling you with rapid acceleration and enabling precise cornering. Despite this agility, the rims can withstand nearly twice the impact standards specified by various certifying bodies. The outcome is a remarkable 1375-gram tubeless wheelset that delivers an extraordinary ride quality, engineered for real-world road conditions.

The Alpinist CL II is constructed with components tailored to ensure continuous and high-speed riding. DT Swiss 350 hubs, renowned for their Star Ratchet drive system, combine reliability and ease of maintenance. Complementing these hubs are 24 DT Swiss CompRace Straightpull spokes on the front and rear, intricately connected to the rims using robust alloy Pro Lock nipples. These components are synonymous with dependability and are readily available at bike shops.

The undeniable advantages of a tubeless setup, including reduced rolling resistance, enhanced handling, and exceptional puncture protection, are evident. Our intensive and rigorous engineering and testing endeavors have led to the Alpinist CL II, a wheelset featuring a hooked rim design capable of accommodating a wide range of pressures, extending up to 110 psi. This innovation ensures a simpler setup and mounting process compared to previous models, underscoring our commitment to continuous advancement.

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  • Alpinist CL II: Lightweight clincher rims with tubeless system.
  • Mountain-Taming Performance: Built for low rim and spoke mass advantage.
  • Same Tech as CLX II: Instant acceleration, high impact tolerance.
  • 1375g Tubeless Wheelset: Exceptional ride quality, real-world road pressures.
  • DT Swiss 350 Hubs: Reliable Star Ratchet system, easy service.
  • Straightpull Spokes: 24 DT Swiss CompRace spokes, Pro Lock nipples.
  • Reduced Rolling Resistance: Tubeless benefits, improved handling.
  • Hooked Rim Design: Handles pressures up to 110psi, easy setup.
  • Front wheel weight 580g
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